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Welcome to our Summer Camp 2009 wiki site!
This subsite is devoted to the Virtualization Boston event called "Summer Camp 2009".  SummerCamp 2009 was held on Friday, August 21, 2009 at the Microsoft facility on Jones Road in Waltham MA.  We had an excellent turnout of over 120 people and a great set of conversations about interesting virtualization topics.
SummerCamp2009 Keynote Photo
The day was run in a "bar camp" style.  This basically means that rather than a bunch of canned PowerPoint slide decks, we showed up on site with an open agenda.  In the morning, we started by everyone submitting ideas for topics that they wanted to talk about or hear about.  These were grouped into broad topics and we voted on which ones to schedule.  We had 5 rooms and 4 one-hour time slots to place ideas into.  Leaders were selected to lead a discussion around the ideas expressed that were grouped into that topic.
Thanks to O'Rielly for helping us with ideas on how to run an event like this.  And a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped in the day's activities, especially the "volunteered" leaders and note takers!
This HOME page of the Summer Camp Wiki leads to the additional pages of this small wiki.
Wiki Topics
Agenda   The anticipated agenda for the day
Topics     Selected Topics and Room Assignments are posted here.  From there you can link to the notes, and possibly links to documents, taken from the session.
EVENT PHOTOS  Photographs from the event.
EVENT AUDIO   Audio recordings of the keynote, lunch, and closing programs, plus several of the sessions.
How to   Links to information on what a bar or foo camp is, and how to put one on.

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