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At this Summer Camp, the agenda is up to you!  We all will be submitting ideas for topics that we want to see discussed.  We will gatther them up, and then vote on them.  The ideas that get the most votes will then be posted on the schedule.
Because these sessions are not pre-planned, don't expect to see a lot of PowerPoint presentations.  We will be looking for at least two volunteers for each session.  One to lead the session and to take notes.  The leader can choose how to run the session, for example the leader may make a presentation or have chair a discussion on the topic.  In any case, we encourage the leader to coax the group to stay reasonably on topic and cover as many of the requested ideas included in the topic.  The notetaker needs to have his or her own laptop, and we will provide a USB key so that you can deliver the notes to us, which will then be posted on the wiki.  Use notepad or worrd or whatever, as long as us PC bound people can read the file it is OK.
Since this is a user generated event, the agenda is subject to change.  But here is what we *think* is going to happen:

8:00   Doors Open for Setup


8:30   Registration Sign-in (make sure we know you are here or there may not be enough lunch!)


9:00   Introduction / Keynote / Sponsor thank you 


9:45   Instructions for Idea & Topic Generation 


10:15 End of Acceptance of new  Ideas and Topics

         Ideas are now sorted/grouped into topics

         Summary sheets posted with topics  -  ready for vote


10:30 Voting


10:45 Count the Votes and schedule first set of sessions.

         There are three session slots for each time period and four time periods.

         Each time slot will be around 50 minutes (exact length to be determined).


11:00 First Sessions start


~12:00 - 1:00 Lunch


1:00 - 4:00  Afternoon Session Timeslots


4:00 - 5:00  Synopsis of the Camp Day Sessions

                  Raffle / Wrap-up / Cleanup 

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