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Privacy Statement

A privacy statement has not yet been fully established. 

Our intent is to protect the privacy of our members.  This means that we will protect the member list and not disclose it to any third party, unless requested by the member.  We are very serious about protecting our member list and our members personal information.  However, mistakes can happen and we cannot be held responsible for any disclosure or errors.  

At times, we will collect personal information from members in the form of surveys or event evaluations.  Unless otherwise stated on the survey, survey information will only be shared in aggregate non-personal form.

At events (online and in person), evaluations will be collected.  In most cases attendees will be given the option of allowing us to give the sponsor your contact information.  If you opt out, we will make every effort to remove identifying information from the information supplied. However, there may be limitations on eligibility for "participating in the drawing" for those that opt out of giving sponsors their contact information.  In some cases, event evaluations will be collected directly by the vendors. This event evaluation information may be shared with presenters and their organizations.  Event evaluation information will not be made public but because it may be shared with the speakers and their companies, this information is NOT protected by a privacy statement.

We take reasonable security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. We restrict access to personal information to board members of Boston User Groups, employees of their hosting facilities, and web or database developers. These individuals are aware of the confidentiality of the information and may be subject to discipline, including termination, if they fail to meet these obligations.  Virtualization Group - Boston is a non-profit organization with very limited funds. Though they take measures to protect data, they cannot be held responsible for any loss or disclosure of personal information or in the accuracy of the disclosed information.