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Deep Dive Day Sessions: 3:10 - 4:00 Breakout 5A


3:10 - 4:00 Breakout 5A 




Bostonian A 

Primary Speaker



Leveraging Cloud Architectures in the Enterprise


Tim Mackey   Cloud computing is a hot topic and front of mind for many enterprises today. This session will provide real-world perspectives on how successful IaaS style cloud operators have accomplished their objectives using cloud architectures, and how you can leverage these lessons within your enterprise or as a managed service. We will cover cloud as a stepping stone from traditional server virtualization through to very large scale cloud infrastructures and detail how deployment and architectural differences can make all the difference when talking about “the cloud”.
While these lessons will be drawn from the Citrix customer base, there will be no direct presentation of Citrix cloud solutions.

Tim Mackey is a corporate evangelist for XenServer and CloudStack within the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group and oversees the server virtualization and cloud orchestration technical competencies. He joined Citrix through the Reflectent acquisition in 2004, and served as architect and developer for Citrix EdgeSight; an end user experience performance monitoring solution. In 2007, Mr. Mackey became technical product manager for the EdgeSight product line and then in 2009 product manager for the Citrix Essentials self-service virtualization components. Prior to Citrix, Mr. Mackey was an architect and developer at EventZero, and helped to design the first self check-out systems for retailers at Optimal Robotics.

Secondary Speaker



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