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Deep Dive Day Sessions: 2:10 - 3:00 Breakout 4A


2:10 - 3:00 Breakout 4A 




Bostonian A 

Primary Speaker



Apps on the desk, on the Server, and in the Cloud


  Many organizations skipped Windows Vista and addressed their entire application inventory for the first time in a long while when moving to Windows 7. Forward looking companies are considering the future; both virtual desktops and the cloud and preparing their application portfolios for these more dynamic environments.
In this session, the Godfather of Microsoft App-V, TMurgent's Tim Mangan, will focus on using Application Virtualization as a way to isolate user applications from the operating system and each other. This includes two kinds of applications.
  • End user applications, which might run on desktops, in VDI sessions, or Remote Desktop Servers.
  • Middle tier applications, typically hosted on a back end server remote from users and accessed via a client or web browser.
Microsoft App-V simplifies packaging and distribution of end user applications for dynamic environments. Microsoft Server App-V allows you isolate those middle tier applications from the OS for fast deployment for peak loading in the cloud. Once prepped for delivery, these applications may be easily deployed whenever and where-ever you need them in the future.

Considered to be the world's leading expert in Microsoft App-V, Tim Mangan holds the title of "Kahuna" at TMurgent Technologies LLP. Prior to launching TMurgent, Tim was with many software and/or hardware companies including Softricity, Sync Research, Tylink, Avanti Communications, Memotec, Teleglobe, Infinet, and ComputerVision. Somewhere in between he also did consulting work for the WAN side of a major US bank. At one point he was the President of the Frame Relay Forum, an international consortium of Communication Carriers, Vendors, and Users. Tim speaks at many conferences and has been awarded by Microsoft as a "Most Valuable Professional for Terminal Services" in 2007 and MVP for Application Virtualization in 2008-2012. He also was awarded the "Citrix Technology Professional" designation in 2010 and beyond. He is also President of Virtualization Boston User Group.

Check out his blogs:
or follow him @TimothyMangan

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