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Deep Dive Day Sessions: 10 - 10:50 Breakout 1A


10 - 10:50 Breakout 1A 




Bostonian A 

Primary Speaker



Virtualization 201: The Technological Underpinnings of Virtualization


Tim Mangan   While the Virtualizaiton 101 session operates at a higher level, this session is more of a technology dive for people that understand the concepts of virtualizaiton but need a deeper understanding of the terminologies and technologies. Many things are build upon key building blocks. In grade school it is the "three Rs". In football, it is blocking and tackling. In hockey it is skating and checking. In soccer it is dribbling, dribling, and, well, more dribbling. Virtualization also has its key building blocks that every Pro in "IT Pro" must learn to understand not only how these technologies work, but to understand what your vendor said really means. In this session, VirtG President Tim Mangan will take you through the key building blocks on which all of the virtualization technologies discussed at the conference today are built upon. Understand terms like layering and isolation; hooking (not the hockey kind), and redirection; emulation, and virtualization; spoofing, and caching; and streaming. You will learn how different vendors use these terms to differentiate themselves, enlighten you, or, just to confuse the market while sounding cool.
President of Virtualization Boston. Tim Mangan holds the title of "Kahuna" at TMurgent Technologies LLP. Prior to launching TMurgent, Tim was with many software and/or hardware companies including Softricity, Sync Research, Tylink, Avanti Communications, Memotec, Teleglobe, Infinet, and ComputerVision. Somewhere in between he also did consulting work for the WAN side of a major US bank. At one point he was the President of the Frame Relay Forum, an international consurtium of Communication Carriers, Vendors, and Users. Tim speaks at many conferences and has been awarded by Microsoft as a "Most Valuable Professional for Terminal Services" in 2007 and MVP for Application Virtualization in 2008-2012. He also was awarded the "Citrix Technolgy Professional" designation in 2010 and beyond. His twitter handle is @TimothyMangan. Check out his blogs: < href=""> and

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