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Deep Dive Day Sessions: 12 - 12:50 Breakout 3B


12 - 12:50 Breakout 3B 




Bostonian B 

Primary Speaker



Virtualizing Exchange Server 2010


Lee Banjamin   Exchange is THE mission critical application in most organizations, and virtualization is the buzz-word of the century. Understanding architecture, availability, and supportability is vital to your successful implementation. The question is not whether you can virtualize Exchange Server 2010, but how to do it correctly, and in what circumstances it makes sense.

In this session we will look at the drivers towards virtualizing your messaging environment, considerations for the various Exchange roles, architectural changes from 2003 to 2010, and scenarios to leverage virtualization. We will talk about which hypervisors are supported, and what that means to you.
With over 20 years experience in the messaging industry, Lee Benjamin is an expert on Microsoft Exchange and related technologies. Since retiring from Microsoft in 1997, he has been a highly sought after consultant for enterprise and medium-sized organizations and software firms. He currently specializes in Exchange 2010 architecture, migration and upgrade advice, and product strategy/positioning for ISV's. He also evaluates and does product testing and training. Lee is chairman of the largest Exchange user group in the world ExchangeServerBoston, and actively engaged with other groups and organizations including GITCA (formerly Culminis) BostonUserGroups, WindowsBoston, and Virtg. For his involvement with the IT professional user group community, he is recognized as a Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft. Lee is a regular speaker at industry conferences such as TechEd, Exchange Connections, TechTarget Seminars, and online webinars on topics such as data protection, compliance and eDiscovery, messaging security, mobile access, and unified communications.

Secondary Speaker



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