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Virtualization Boston Deep Dive Day (photo attribution: cc notsogoodphotography)

Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011

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Virtualization Group - Boston > Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011 > Deep Dive Day Sessions > 9:30-10:15 B1: Faculty  

Deep Dive Day Sessions: 9:30-10:15 B1: Faculty


9:30-10:15 B1: Faculty 





Primary Speaker

Timothy R. Mangan 


The Nuts and Bolts of Virtualization.


While the Introduction to Virtualizaiton is at a higher level, this session is more for people that understand the virtualizaiton concepts but need a deeper understanding of the terminologies and technologies.

In grade school it was the "three Rs".  In football, it is blocking and tackling.   In hockey it is skating and checking.  In soccer it is dribbling and , well, more dribbling.  Virtualization has its key building blocks that Pro in "IT Pro" must also learn really well to understand  not only how the technology works, but what your vendor said really means.

In this session, VirtG President Tim Mangan will take you through the key building blocks on which all of the virtualization technologies discussed today are built upon.  Understand terms like layering and isolation.  Hooking (not the hockey kind) and redirection.  Emulation and Virtualization.  Spoofing and caching and streaming.  You will see how different vendors use these terms to differentiate themselves, enlighten you, or, to confuse the market while sounding cool.

Secondary Speaker



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