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Virtualization Boston Deep Dive Day (photo attribution: cc notsogoodphotography)

Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011

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Virtualization Group - Boston > Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011 > Deep Dive Day Sessions > 3:30-4:15 B6: Presidents  

Deep Dive Day Sessions: 3:30-4:15 B6: Presidents


3:30-4:15 B6: Presidents 





Primary Speaker

Thomas Reed 


Achieving a Desktop SLA with Virtualization.


For most IT professionals, the notion of providing business users with a service-level agreement (SLA) on their Windows desktops is laughable. While this is potentially achievable with a locked down desktop, the reality is that in most organizations a majority of users have some degree of administrative rights for Windows.  With the priorities IT administrators and end-users completely at odds, the result is a lose/lose scenario when PCs inevitably go wrong. IT teams frequently move quickly to reimaging the PC versus navigating the many troubleshooting variables of an unlocked PC.  And for end-users, this means days or even weeks recreating their desired desktop environment.


Desktop virtualization introduces a new option: a multi-OS desktop model. The deployment and management advantages of virtual desktops make it possible for IT teams to provide users with more than one desktop environment with a few mouse clicks. This presents an interesting opportunity for IT with respect to administrative rights. In theory, they can provide users with a tightly-managed and highly SLA-backed corporate image alongside a second Windows desktop for which the user has complete administrative rights.


Could this be a silver bullet to finally balance the priorities of IT and end-users? Or will the added overhead and complexity of a second OS confuse users and offset any IT manageability gains? Doug Lane of Virtual Computer will review the opportunities and potential pitfalls of a multi-OS desktop deployment approach and provide a live demonstration of a corporate and personal desktop running side-by-side on a virtualized PC.

Secondary Speaker



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