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Virtualization Boston Deep Dive Day (photo attribution: cc notsogoodphotography)

Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011

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Virtualization Group - Boston > Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011 > Deep Dive Day Sessions > 1:30-2:15 B4: Faculty  

Deep Dive Day Sessions: 1:30-2:15 B4: Faculty


1:30-2:15 B4: Faculty 





Primary Speaker

ItProGuru (Dan Stolts) 


Leveraging an Enormous Technology Community: Get The Answers You Need - When You Need Them


Do you know who to call when you need career advice? Do you know the GURU in all technologies you work with? Do you have a strong steel like relationship with your partners, customers and peers?  Do you know who to call when you get in a jam?  Do you know who to call to keep yourself out of a jam in the first place?   This session will teach you what you need to know to eventually be able to answer all of these questions in the affirmative.  You have to learn to walk before you run so you will not as a result of this session be able to answer yes to all questions.  But you will learn how you can eventually get to that point.  The “IT Pro Guru” (Dan Stolts) teaches us how to get involved, grow your sphere of influence and put yourself in a position to know all the right people.  If you listen closely, you may even walk away with the secret (magic bullet) to you personally becoming the person that others seek out.  So, come and learn how to get the answers you want when you need them.   It may just change your life!


Secondary Speaker



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