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Virtualization Boston Deep Dive Day (photo attribution: cc notsogoodphotography)

Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011

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Virtualization Group - Boston > Virtualization Boston's Deep Dive Day 2011 > Deep Dive Day Sessions > 8-9:15 Opening Session And Keynote Address  

Deep Dive Day Sessions: 8-9:15 Opening Session And Keynote Address


8-9:15 Opening Session And Keynote Address 





Primary Speaker

Timothy R. Mangan 


Opening Session and Keynote Address


Virtualization User Group - Boston President, Tim Mangan, will welcome you and explain how the day will work.  Our keynote address, "The Cloud vs. My Cloud - On and Off Premise Adoption of Cloud Architectureswill be delivered by Citrix's Oved Laurie and will immediately follow:

While server virtualization has enabled IT organizations to reduce costs and drive efficiencies it has also become the key enabler of economically viable cloud computing. Although “clouds” have existed since the internet began, the recent advances in virtualization technology and management now empower enterprises and everyday compute consumers to take advantage of the cost and operational benefits of cloud computing. The critical question is how and where should IT organizations begin to take advantage of these new concepts and architectures?


Oved Lourie, Director of Product Management for the Datacenter and Cloud Division at Citrix Systems will take us through the options, key considerations, and some of the pitfalls in cloud computing – looking specifically at where and when to utilize public and private solutions and how the future will bring the same benefits that cloud providers enjoy when operating at economies of scale.


Secondary Speaker

Oved Lourie 


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