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SpeakersForDeepDive2010: Sr. Director


Doug Lane 






Sr. Director 


Virtual Computer 




The Economics of Desktop Virtualization 


Doug Lane is a seasoned marketing and product management professional with a successful 12-year record of bringing innovative technology products and services to market.

His breadth of industry experience spans information security, RFID/supply chain, DNS/critical Internet infrastructure, Web hosting, and telecommunications/IP backbone services. Prior to joining Virtual Computer, Lane held several key marketing and product management positions at VeriSign. He was instrumental in establishing VeriSign as a market leader in managed security services and online brand protection while forging entry into new markets such as RFID/supply chain.


Earlier in his career, Lane held product management and professional services positions at Guardent, Vanguard Managed Solutions (Motorola spin-out) and Ennovate Networks. Additionally, he held several operational and product management roles at BBN/GTE Internetworking/Genuity, an early leader in the Internet backbone and enterprise Web hosting services.


Lane earned a BS from Emerson College and an MBA from Boston University.




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Based on work with IDC, Join Senior Director Doug Lane of Virtual Computer as he dives into the art of cost and savings analysis when it comes to Virtualization projects.

Organizations of all sizes are now realizing the many cost-saving benefits of server virtualization, but for many the business case for desktop virtualization is less clear.  The total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages of desktop virtualization versus traditional approaches are very real, but it unlike server virtualization it has little to do with hardware costs and everything to do with operational efficiencies and improved security posture.  In "The Economics of Desktop Virtualization," Doug Lane of Virtual Computer will discuss the key TCO considerations when exploring a desktop virtualization initiative, including an in-depth review of the traditional PC management approaches, server-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) models, and emerging client-side desktop virtualization technologies.

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