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DeepDive2010Sponsors: Calgary Systems Management User Group


Calgary Systems Management User Group 


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Kevin Kaminski

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Host User Group for the Calgary Site.
The Calgary Systems Management User Group (CSMUG) is an informal association of area professionals working in IT Infrastructure with a specialization in Application Management. We are dedicated to informing and educating members about advancements in systems management with a special emphasis on virtualization technologies. It is the mandate of this congregation to provide a mechanism for sharing common experiences to better understand these technologies and how they can help the organizations our members serve. Technology and knowledge transfer may include case studies/experiences, best practices, tools (Systems Management, Virtualization, 3rd party ESD solutions, etc.) and user created utilities.
Our goal is to bring together industry professionals and forge direct associations with major vendors like Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, etc. to stimulate understanding of current and emerging technologies. With enough visibility and impact, we hope to become a focal point for vendors and industry professionals to develop knowledge and better the Systems and Application knowledgebase in Calgary.


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