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First Class Speakers: Matthew McDermott


Matthew McDermott 


Matt McDermott started his official technology career while in college, debugging business apps for a specialized accounting software firm back in 1991.  After deciding that development wasn’t the career that he wanted for the rest of his life he started working as a Network Administrator. While working for Digital Equipment Corporation he was introduced to the Digital Alpha.  This sparked his interest in Microsoft technologies and changed his life.  Matt quickly decided to get certified in Microsoft networking technologies and thru the relationships built in that training started working for a Microsoft Training and Solutions provider. 

In 1997 Matt was asked to provide training to help forge a relationship with Microsoft Corporation providing training and courseware development solutions for Microsoft technologies for the Product Support Organization.  After that experience, Matt took on a full time role of trainer with a specialty in working with Microsoft on major OS rollouts starting with Windows 98 and Windows 2000.  After gaining great knowledge and experience Matt decided it was time to develop his own company providing solutions for leading technology companies.  Over the years he has continued to provide training solutions to numerous corporations and keeping his company grounded in project based consulting.

While continuing to develop courseware and deliver training for Microsoft on Windows Vista and Longhorn, Matt became involved with a company Microsoft had recently acquired, Softricity.  Currently he is involved with the Windows Product Team to develop solutions for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to serve the partner community.  Thru these relationships Matt has also provided Proof of Concept to full implementations of Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization at various companies and has been recognized as a leader in the Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization Community.


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