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DDD2014_PPTs DDD2014_PPTs  The PowerPoint (and other) files from Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014.  11 5 years ago
DeepDiveDay2014_Presentations DeepDiveDay2014_Presentations    1 5 years ago
Docs Docs    9 5 years ago
SlideDecks SlideDecks    1 5 years ago

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images images    1 5 years ago


Agenda Agenda  Use the Agenda list to outline topics and a timeline for your meeting.  0 5 years ago
Agenda1 Agenda1  Use the Agenda list to outline topics and a timeline for your meeting.  0 5 years ago
Attendees Attendees  Use the Attendee list to track who is planning to attend the meeting.  0 5 years ago
Deep Dive Day Sessions Deep Dive Day Sessions    13 5 years ago
DisplaySchedule DisplaySchedule    0 5 years ago
Objectives Objectives  Use the Objectives list to set clear goals for your meeting.  0 5 years ago
SpeakerInfo SpeakerInfo    17 5 years ago
SponsorLevels2014 SponsorLevels2014    8 5 years ago
Sponsors2014 Sponsors2014  Sponsor List for Deep Dive Day 2014  17 5 years ago

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Atendee Survey Atendee Survey  Please let us know which sessions you plan to attend so we can gauge seating.   0 5 years ago
Attendee Survey Attendee Survey  Please fill out this survey so we can gauge attendence and seating requirements.  0 5 years ago

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Recycle Bin Recycle Bin  Use this page to restore items that you have deleted from this site, or to empty deleted items. 0