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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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Deep Dive Day Sessions: Breaking the Laws of Desktop Physics


Breaking the Laws of Desktop Physics 





Primary Speaker

Tyler Rohrer 


LWL Founder T.Rex is back at VirtG!  His sessions have always proved popular and interesting.  He and Matt will talk about all of the things that they have learned helping customers with implementing workspace virtualization. 


LWL Founder T.Rex Rohrer and Legendary Senior Systems Engineer Matt Boyajian will dive into the Black Hole of Workspace Virtualization and share with attendees several key lessons learned after working on nearly 5,000,000 physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces over the past 5 years. This journey will be very technical by nature, highly interactive, and will feature only ONE PowerPoint Slide…the rest will be live demos and whiteboarding.

  • The New Physics of User Management
  • Bending the speed of light and other ways to get IOPS under control
  • How to liberate yourself from the Gravity of Legacy Apps and achieve 100% application independence
  • Mapping out YOUR galaxy of user workspace challenges, and time travel

Based on national feedback – Tyler and Matt present in a dynamic fashion that engages the audience, compels them to question previous assumptions they might have in desktop virtualization, and arms them with actionable next steps.

Secondary Speaker

Matt Boyajian 


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