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Deep Dive Day Sessions: "Automate or Die": IT Pro Skills for the Next 20 Years


"Automate or Die": IT Pro Skills for the Next 20 Years 





Primary Speaker

Tim Mangan 


Whether you move to the cloud or not, the cry is "Automate or Die". What does this mean to you and what skills do you need to compete?


Whether you move your data and applications to the public cloud infrastructure or leverage new and exciting products to keep it in-house, the landscape for how IT Professionals perform their duties are changing.

"Automate or Die" refers to the need to utilize emerging tools of many kinds to perform the routine tasks that you do today. Rather than work you out of a job, this enables you to take on different tasks tomorrow. What skills will be most in demand and how can you prepare for it?

In this session we will talk about how IT Pro jobs are changing, what you should be doing now, and what skills you will need to learn for your career in order to compete in the future.

This independent session should prove to be a lively one, designed to be informative and interactive with the audience.

Secondary Speaker



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